Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ron Black's

Ron Black's on Dawson St. is a suit and scarf kind of venue where business boys clamour, flirting grossly. The women beam, brushing each others arms with gossip, discarding weak compliments. It is a place of opposites, rather like the Schoolhouse, where masks are worn and lies are told. Not my kind of venue. Nevertheless, it is a luxurious bar, the staff work hard, the Guinness is tolerable. On Friday night they serve up a selection of the usual pop with a couple of old house tracks from the late 90's. It's clear they're out to regress us, the thirty-somethings, back to the boozey days of yore where all income was disposable. Upstairs they offered a harder set, though no more inspired than the cacophony below. It was a bit of a lame duck, but unlike most of Dublin it's the kind of place where drinks don't get spilt and fights aren't started. Like any venue around Dawson street it might impress your uppity, foreign date: A good if shallow introduction to the drunk infatuation that is Dublin by night.

DIARIT: 5/10

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