Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A460 Canon Powershot - Lens Error, Restart Camera

(If you're reading this blog entry for some Powershot A460 help, the link that I had found years ago [in the second last paragraph] has become broken ... so the solution is lost ... sorry about that)

Barcelona is probably my favourite city in the world. Outside the tourist hot-zone the streets are explosive with character. In August, especially around the 15th, the locals go fiesta mental and throw fireworks at tourists, wearing devil's masks, and dancing like gremlins. Over in Bario Gracia, things go even more topsy turvy, with locally sponsored street decorations, each themed and intricate. Thoroughfares are roofed with amber hangings so it feels like Autumn in the night, or encased and threaded with titanic spider webs like Shelob’s lair. This year, Wonderland drooped maniacally over one grand entrance, a tunnel of playing cards and Cheshire grins, and there was a great castle made of newspapers, huge and medieval, the entrance a battle portcullis that stretched for meters above your head. What a spectacle! Imagine the photos!

Somehow, between Parc Guell and this grand, annual Fiesta de Gracia, I scuppered my cheap, loveable A460 Canon Powershot digital camera, so my photographic intentions were ruined. All records of that wild, hot, fiery spectacle are confined to my waning memory (and the sated memory cards of other tourists). In the end, it wasn't a night for posing and composing, more for dancing and romancing. So not much was lost, except, of course, my camera’s functionality.

Never fear! 30 mins on the internet and I had the issue beat. If your A460 Canon Powershot camera ever tells you 'Lens error, restart camera,' it's probably sand inside the gears. Check out this website. Take a tiny screwdriver, some relaxing music and 10 minutes of courage. Whammo. You're back on track.

I like my cameras like I like my women, a little cranky at times but easy to fix. Canon Powershot A460, you're the gal for me. xxx Mmmmwah.

DIARIT: 8/10


  1. Still fixing cranky women with your tiny screwdriver eh?

  2. Thnx! I just repaired my powershot 460 thanks to your instructions.
    Ferry from the Netherlands

  3. Thank you so much! I just repaired my Canon powershot A460 with the Same & Similar problems...for than over years ago! thanks to your instructions very clearly.God bless you.:)
    Rg Gnilo, from Manila,Philippines.

  4. Unfortunately it hasn't fixed mine : (

  5. Sorry, it's been years and I can't find the website any more.