Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Cobblestone

Tucked back inside Smithfield, the Cobbler has got be the greatest pub in the universe. I'm not talking about a fine diner, eco-friendly, smart and fun hotspot for scalers and the to-be-talked-about. I'm talking about grinning pints, wistful music, chatter, scarves, nodding hats and smiles. It's a place that encourages opinions. Every time I go there I learn something from or about my friends. It has an imposing inspirational quality that asks you to let loose the fa├žade and appreciate what people have to say. It is magnificent and small and the cosiest cubbyhole in cubbyhole Ireland.

There are gigs there, traditional and otherwise, with an informal jam session every Sunday afternoon. But it's not too loud, either, so you can sit at the other end and ignore the tunes, or head into the smoking courtyard where I spend most of my time.

If you're going for a pint, head to the Cobbler, the last bastion of old Dubliners' Dublin.

DIARIT: 8/10

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