Saturday, October 25, 2008

Poetry Reading - Philip Casey

As part of a seasonal treatment of Irish writers, the Irish Writers Centre is host to lunchtime readings every second Friday. I had the time to drop in to hear Philip Casey reading from his book of poems, Dialogue in Fading Light.

Sunlight shone softly and quietly from the Georgian street. The room was still, though not stagnant or rotten, but stopped and peaceful as though things like time worked differently indoors. Among the audience there were two young women, probably art students but otherwise I was the youngest attendee. But there was no significant gap in the generations. In fact, there was a range of ages that spanned the adult life, each separated by a half dozen years. It was encouraging to see art spanning culture.

I was moved. It was an alarming and pleasant realisation, like the first time I listened to Puccini. At the age of 29 I had never been to a reading before and I expected... less. I expected pretence, falsity, elitism, ego. Instead I was closing my eyes and listening to words and being jerked by closure and the satisfaction of tension. It thrilled me to find a new delight, especially something so classical.

Check out Philip Casey and if you fancy it look up the Irish Writer's Centre for a schedule. The readings are free of charge. Bring an open mind.

DIARIT: 9/10

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