Saturday, September 5, 2009

Self Defence in Dublin City Centre - Krav Maga

So you want to learn self defence? Krav Maga (pronounced Krav Mugá) is the stripped down, no thrills, punch to the balls kind of fighting taught to the Israeli Military. It's quick to learn and super efficient. They teach you to avoid getting killed using speed and elbows.

I tried my first class the other night. I expected some serious heads, you know the sort, lots of knuckles and bruises. But most of us were new comers, late twenties, kind of unfit. The instructor said hello, turned up the volume and had us sprinting on the spot, pushing-up, jumping and sweating, all in the time it takes to disarm an armed mugger.

I learned to throw an elbow to the face, the principles of ground fighting (low line attacks from the prone position), aggressive blocks against knives and how to drop the opponent with a round kick. Finally I was attacked by the class, two at a time, to test my defences. I'm a little tender, but there's no bruising.

Look, this is the real deal, straight up, quick and cheap. It's in a handy location and there's no time wasted on ceremony. If you're looking for a class with a friendly, experienced instructor, a central location and an affordable price, this place is a great candidate. You're not going to get beaten up here, or looked down on, but you are expected to put your back into it. Some do it for fitness, others for technique, I do it for confidence. And I feel taller already.

Bridgefoot Street Boxing Gym (see here) holds classes twice a week on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm. €10 per class (you pay in €40 lumps).

DIARIT: 7/10

If you can't be arsed reading, listen to the robot...


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